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Rock and Write!  Rockin Resources is well known for our writing products.  Pam always liked to write and teach writing.  She has used numerous writing programs over her 26 years of teaching, but was never satisfied.  This led her to create her own writing program to use with her class.  Although she felt it was very effective, her thoughts turned into reality when her state scores came in and 98% of her class scored exemplary in writing!  Her principal asked her what she used for writing and she was hesitant to explain that she wasn’t using the adopted writing program from the district.  That is when she realized it would benefit not just her class and her colleagues’ classes, but why not put it in the hands of as many other teachers who are looking for an all-inclusive program that will rock test scores!  We offer year-long bundles for Grades 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.  We also have a 3-6 product in case you teach several grade levels!  It includes all the skills needed for grades 3-6.  Although it is Common Core aligned, it is not labeled with the CCSS.  This also helps those teachers who aren’t teaching the CCSS but would like the awesome program!

Interactive Writing Notebooks- These can be used for notebooks or just instruction.  There are practice sheets to go with most of the lessons as well.  SECOND GRADE HAS BEEN ADDED!

We provide step-by-step plans, lessons, and creative ways to teach with or without interactive notebooks.  Your writing scores are guaranteed to skyrocket!

Product Description:  Our Interactive Writing Notebooks have been BEST SELLERS ON TPT! – They have hyperlinks to easily maneuver through the large  400 + document and mentor text for all the mini lessons!

This year-long Interactive Writing Notebook was designed to follow through the WRITING PROCESS and model lessons for Narrative Writing, Opinion Writing, and Informative Writing.  It covers ALL of the Writing Common Core Standards and many Language Standards. 

What is different about my product than other interactive writing notebooks?
There are teachable slides that can be used on the smart board or printed for posters, as well as slides already done for you to model good writing with your students, and student printables to go along with each mini lesson.  

In addition to the multitude of lessons, you will find independent practice, model writing, assessments, student resources, graphic organizers, tracking charts, forms, rubrics, dictionaries, labels, homework assignments, student resources etc etc.  All of these items come with directions and suggestions and are laid out in the ideal order to teach and be successful.

Table of Contents for Interactive Writing Notebook

Getting Ready
Setting Up Notebooks
Student Resources
Million Dollar Dictionary
Mini Lesson Instructions
Decorating notebook
Portfolio Labels
Portfolio Message to Parents
Quick Notebook Check Rubric
Tracking Progress Form
Presentation Cards
Writing Workshop Rules

Developing ideas
(Lesson plans, instruction posters 
and notebook printables)

Paragraph Writing Lessons
(Lesson Plans, Instruction Posters, Notebook 
printables, and Independent printable for each)
A. Subject and Predicates
B. Fragments
C. Complete Sentences
D. Run-ons
E. Topic Sentences
F. Relevant Details
G. Clincher
H. Assessment
I. Hamburger Model

Writing Process
(Lesson plans, Posters and notebook printables)

Narrative Writing
(A sample is provided to model and follow through the writing process)
A. Lesson Plans
B. Narrative Elements
C. Narrative Writing CCSS Checklist
D. Prewriting- Brainstorming
E. Task, Audience, Purpose
F. Prewriting- Graphic Organizers
G. Introduction (Character, Setting, Plot)
H. Body (Power of 3, Suspense, Climax)
I. Character Traits
J. Dialogue
K. Conclusions
L. Rough Draft
M. Writing Goal Form
N. DARE to revise (Delete, Add, Rearrange, Exchange)
(more lessons on rockin beginnings, transition words, Million  
Dollar Words using money CLIPS (Colorful Adjectives, Lively  
Figurative Language, Ideal Adverbs, Powerful Verbs, Sizzling 
Sense Words) including bulletin board posters, trashcan 
words, sentence variety, jammin conclusion, crafty title) 
(lessons on capitalization, usage, complete 
sentences, punctuation, spelling), ASSESSMENT
P. Peer Reflection and form
Q. Final Copy
R. Samples of final copy paper
S. Rubric
T. Reflection Form
U. Homework/Classwork Printables

Opinion Writing
(A sample is provided to model and follow through the writing process)
A. Lesson Plans
B. Opinion Elements
C. Opinion Writing CCSS Checklist
D. Prewriting- Brainstorming
E. Prewriting- Graphic Organizer
F. Task, Audience, Purpose
G. Strengthen Opinions
H. Introduction
I. Body (Power of 3, facts and details)
J. Conclusions
K. Rough Draft
L. Writing Goal Form
M. Revisions (lessons on rockin beginnings,
supporting details, transition words, 
sentence variety, jammin conclusions, craft 
N. CUPS (Revisit capitals, usage, punctuation, spelling)
O. Peer Reflection
P. Final Copy (keyboarding)
Q. Rubric
R. Reflection Form
S. Homework/Classwork Printables

Informative Writing
(A sample is provided to model and follow through the writing process)
A. Lesson Plans
B. Informative Elements
C. Informative Writing CCSS Checklist
D. Assignment
E. Prewriting- Brainstorming
F. Prewriting- Graphic Organizer
G. Task, Audience, Purpose
H. Organization
I. Plagiarism, Taking Notes
and Citing Sources with forms
J. Introduction
K. Body (Power of 3, vocabulary)
L. Conclusions
M. Rough Draft
N. Writing Goal Form 
O Revisions (lessons on rockin beginnings,
supporting details, transition words, 
sentence variety, jammin conclusions, craft 
P. CUPS (Revisit capitals, usage, punctuation, spelling)
Q. Graphics/Headings/Captions
R. Peer Reflection
S- Final Copy and Template
T- Glossary/Source/Table of Contents
U- Rubric
V. Reflection
W. Homework/Classwork Printables
More Practice/ Choice Assignment/Homework

Look no further! It is all here! If you are a new teacher, this resource is perfect. It is a STEP by STEP, user friendly Interactive Writing Notebook with Instructions on how to teach the skills!

W.1, W.1.a, W.1.b, W.1.c, W.1.d, 
W.2, W.2.a, W.2.b, W.2.c, W.2.d
W.3, W.3.a, W.3.b, W.3.c, W.3.d, W.3.e, 
W.4, W.5, W.6, W.7, W.8, W.9, W.10
L.1. a, L.1.b, L.1.c, L.1.d, L.1.e, L.1.f, L.1.g
L.2.a, L.2.b, L.2.c. L.2.d


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