Writing Mini Lesson #10- 3 Steps to Prepare for Narrative Writing

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Welcome back to the next lesson to get your students ready to ROCK ‘N’ WRITE!  Now that your students have been exposed to paragraph writing and the writing process, it is time to move onto Narrative Writing.

1.  Begin by reading a mentor text, Uncle Jed’s Barbershop by Margaree King Mitchell.  Place the poster for Narrative Writing Elements on the board and discuss each element and how it relates to the mentor text.  For the student portion, I’ve done this two different ways.  I’ve had them take notes from the story or I’ve had students draw pictures relating to the element.  Then have students place the printable in their interactive notebooks.

2.  Next, review the Common Core Standards for Narrative Writing and inform students that they will accomplish all the standards during this unit.  Have student also place this in their notebook to use as a checklist as they progress through the unit.

3.  Last you will need to plan out a few things.  Decide how you would like to have students write for this essay.  If you follow my mini-lessons, it is designed to form a 5-paragraph story.  Since this is the first large paper my students write in my classroom, I like to pair them up for partner writing.  This may take a little time to pair up students who work together efficiently.  I expect both of them to do the writing portion but they collaborate to help think deeply about their story elements.  Also, plan to be working on Narrative writing for several weeks!  I take each mini-lesson and allow students time to take notes in their notebooks about the skill AND time to work on their story focusing on that lesson.  Finally, decide on a prompt that works for your age level or allow them to decide on their own plots.  If you have my Interactive Writing Bundle, there is a prompt fully modeled with all the bells and whistles along with a list of prompts that you may use.  


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