Rooted in ancient tradition and storytelling practices, myths make for a fantastic addition to any classroom interested in culturally and educationally rich literature! Myths are symbolic stories that use supernatural characters or qualities to teach a lesson of some sort, serving as metaphoric explanations for natural or social phenomena such as the creation of Earth or the meaning of different types of weather. Within a mythical unit, students can hone in on specific metaphors, character arcs, and the effects of symbolism all while enjoying magical mythical tales of old. Read on to learn about Mythical Magic: Two Rockin’ Resources for Teaching Myths and Allusions!

A myth about myths is that they are the same as legends! Although the two are frequently grouped together, there are important characteristics that differentiate them from one another. Legends involve non-fictional historical figures and events, whereas myths are entirely fictional and contain gods, demigods, and other supernatural characters. Legends can involve exaggerations and some elements of fiction, but they are largely based on historical fact. Myths, however, are completely rooted in fictional stories and characters!

A mythology unit can be used to teach students about culture, life lessons, history, and literature all at once! Our Step-by-Step Mythology Unit is jam-packed with teaching activities for students to learn about myths, context clues, and allusions. This set contains a variety of learning activities, anchor charts, and passages to help students strengthen their abilities in reading and writing comprehension. 

Another Rockin’ Resource to add to your arsenal is our Myth Passages resource, which contains 5 myths with differentiated reading levels ranging from Lexile Levels 575-835. For each passage, there are 10 comprehensive questions for students to use inferences and to find text evidence, as well as one writing connection question. Students will learn about the myth genre and how to break down the meaning behind the allusions in the Step-by-Step Unit, then they will have more practice with Myth Passages! 

Rich with cultural significance, literary elements, and supernatural fun, mythological stories are a wonderful addition to any classroom. Experience the magic of myths within your classroom and watch as indifferent readers become glued to the page!

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