With the excitement of a new school year on the horizon, I think it’s safe to say that all teachers can relate to the joy and dread that comes with the rush to buy new tools and supplies for the classroom come August. Worries about long-running lists of purchases and receipts can be daunting and put a damper on the giddiness of this time of year. But fear not! I’ve compiled this list of 11 essential back-to-school products that will help you breeze right into the new year. It’s important to invest in high-quality and multi-functional tools that will reward you for years to come! Check out this list that can assist you in bringing your dream classroom to life, without breaking the bank or your new-year happiness!

Every time I post something on social media using this board or have it in the background, I get messages asking about it. Teachers are raving about this dry-erase board on wheels. Made to last, the sturdy design makes it an all-around hit for the classroom, whether it’s used for activity centers, small group instruction, or for displaying anchor charts. This sleek product can help you save time and space in a busy classroom! 

These color-coding labels can be used in hundreds of different ways! Whether you want to label your library books by genre or put student numbers on books, notebooks, cubbies, or mailboxes, these labels have got you covered. Easy to apply and remove, make sure to grab some of these to ensure that you achieve time-saving organization! I liked using these in my classroom library along with different genre labels.

This binding tool is perfect for publishing the work of your students! Encourage your students to write their own stories or make it a class effort to which everyone contributes their own unique page. Then, bind the pages together, and voila! Newly published, class-made books can be showcased on open house nights so that parents and students can enjoy the product of their hard work. This binding machine is also a wonderful addition to a homeschooler’s toolbox, as it can be used to bind and organize curriculum, too! With so many uses for students individually or for entire class projects, this machine is truly worth the investment for years of fun to come!

This 3-hole punch is worth the splurge for its ability to handle 40 sheets of paper at once. Bingo! No wonder it has outstanding reviews. It plows through paper with ease. The stoppers at the ends allow you to create perfectly aligned 3-hole punched paper that can go straight into a binder, which can serve as a science notebook, collection of reading responses, or a place to organize classwork and handouts all in one place. An investment in a functional and durable 3-hole puncher will save you from the headaches of wrestling with ineffective ones for sure!

A well-working pencil sharpener is a must for any classroom. Making the investment of buying one that will last for years to come is important for the sake of your student’s work abilities, as well as for your wallet and sanity! I went through so many sharpeners until I found this one. This sharpener has a large shavings collection bin, works like a charm, is durable, and is quiet in operation, ensuring that your teaching flow won’t have to come to a stop at the break of a pencil.

Small dry erase boards allow students to engage with their schoolwork in a way that reinforces memory-retention through physically writing out their work on an easy-to-erase surface that also helps to save paper. Whether they’re used for practice in math, grammar, or writing, these small boards are a great tool to have in the classroom for small group or whole class instruction.

Laminators are important for protecting handouts, instructions, and activities that you can then re-use repeatedly. Lamination shields the paper from the wear and tear of young hands and can also be used for the creation of other class items, such as bookmarks, shapes, small charts, writing prompts, or task cards. This product pays for itself after about 30 laminated sheets compared to the price of commercial lamination by pack-n-mail stores, so you’re sure to get a bang for your buck with this tool!

I can personally recommend this printer for how quick and durable it is. By using their instant ink service, you can get ink sent right to you whenever the printer indicates low ink levels, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. 

Motivational stickers cost so little yet mean so much to students. These big packs will go a long way as you use them for indicating a student’s good work on behavior cards, agenda checks, or for simply providing praise. The stickers are small but mighty in effect, making them a crucial addition to your classroom this year. I used them daily! I used these along with classroom rewards! They are perfect to add to any classroom management system. 

Introduce some fun lighting into the classroom with these globe string lights. The warm, soft light is perfect for adding ambiance at naptime, read-alouds, or for just adding flair to a normal room. These globe lights bring a special something to classrooms that allow them, so make sure to check with your school’s fire hazard rules beforehand, as some schools permit them, and others do not. My students loved it.

These easy-to-install multi-use curtain rods can be used in a variety of ways! Hang up an anchor chart on the whiteboard, cover the windows with a curtain during nap time, or use the rods and a sheet to hide something that you plan on uncovering later in the lesson! The possibilities are endless with these.

I hope that this list will provide you with some good additions to your classroom this year! Don’t forget to check out our full list of classroom and teacher supplies, HERE. For even more inspiration, follow AMAZON TEACHER FINDS on Instagram.

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